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Client Testimonials


I asked a few of my clients to write testimonials giving a brief outline of why they came to couselling and how they felt about their experience of both individual counselling and relationship counselling. Hopefully their insights will give visitors to this site a flavour of my sessions, and how I might help.

You can also see additional reviews of my service on google.

You will see that a reoccurring theme in these testimonials is that many couples comment that they wish they had come years earlier. If your relationship is stuck in a rut, do something about it now. Years pass very quickly, why spend those years disconnected or in acrimony, when, with a little work and effort, your relationship can be so much more?

I would like to thank everyone who has contributed to this page.

'Liz is a powerhouse of relationship knowledge, would not hesitate to recommend.' D Roberts Bridgend

' Got to the root of our problems with surprising ease, Liz is knowledgeable and motivating would thoroughly recommend unreservedly to anyone with relationship difficulties' J and R Thornton Cardiff

' Had one session with Liz in 2012 and quit as I didn't like what she told me. 2 years later I returned after realising she had been right. My advise....... Liz is excellent at what she does, unflinchingly direct and honest in her approach but also genuinely caring. Ask around, her reputation speaks for itself.' Simon Corbett, Llanishen.

'I felt that going to relationship counselling was admitting defeat, like we had failed. Wish we had gone years ago. The difference in our relationship is huge. If your having issues I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Liz she knows her stuff' Steve and Ceri Hughes,Cardiff

'Travelled from Reading on recommendation from friends who had been helped by Liz. She fixed our problems in 6 sessions. Great at what she does. Thoroughly recommended' Jane and Phil Peters, Reading.

‘ I came to see Liz because I had a history of failed relationships. I hated being on my own so jumped from relationship to relationship which resulted in me hitting 40 alone with little or no self-esteem. I worked with Liz for 6 months – she asked me questions that made me really look at what I wanted from a relationship, and what I wanted from life in general. She’s strong but supportive and forced me to look at things I had been hiding from for years. I can’t say all sessions were easy, but as they say no pain no gain and ultimately what I have taken away from my time in counselling has been invaluable. If you are looking for long term solutions to your problems then look no further. She gets my vote.’ D. Thornton Porthcawl.

‘After the breakdown of my marriage of 24 years I felt lonely, depressed and desperate. Looking back I was a total mess, over weight, depressed and lacking in any self-esteem. Everything felt black I couldn’t see any light at the end of the tunnel. Liz put me back together – she tells me I am her greatest accomplishment!! In the year that I spent in counselling I dropped 3 stone in weight, started my own soft furnishing company and learnt to like myself again. Every week she set me small tasks to accomplish and wouldn’t take no for an answer. Her belief in me made me believe in myself. I am 100% different in every way to the defeated woman I was in my first session. I would recommend Liz to anyone looking to change their lives she is fun, dedicated and passionate about what she does. All I need her to do now is find me a man!!’ E. Rossiter Newport.

' What makes Liz stand out is her total dedication and support. She does not clock watch as other counsellors I have worked with often do. I could not have coped through my divorce without her' C.Parish Sully.

" I would not hesitate to recommend Liz to any couple in distress, we went to counselling after our marriage was rocked by infidelity and it was either counselling or divorce. Counselling helped us to stay together and we now are stronger than ever. Liz is a rare breed, truly great at what she does, would thoroughly recommend her to any couple having problems.' Mr and Mrs Newbury Cardiff.

"Liz has a very direct approach, she supports, motivates and encourages. I was very against counselling prior to seeing Liz, I had to be literally dragged to my first session, but we were desperate and close to splitting up. I am a convert .......... our relationship is the best it has ever been. If we ever got stuck in a rut again I would happily return, truly excellent at what she does" . J Roberts Barry

"Relate didn't work, Liz did. Would and have recommended to anyone with marriage difficulties". M and R Bryant Bristol

"Wish we had gone years ago, were sorted in 4 sessions. Liz is thorough and dedicated would highly recommend." Mr and Mrs Francis Swansea

"Am a massive fan of Liz and have recommended her many times to friends in need. Sessions can be demanding and draining but if you follow the process the results are impressive. A very happy couple from Chepstow."

"If anyone can fix your relationship, it is Liz. She has done wonders for our relationship, and we had been struggling for many years. Wish we had gone years earlier. " Mr and Mrs Edwards, Barry

"I feel like Liz quite literally saved my life. I went to see Liz after a very abusive relationship brought me to my knees. I have never been so low and felt utterly broken. Liz's knowledge and understanding of abusive relationships saved me from nearly entering another one. She helped me to unpack how and why I ended up in an abusive relationship. She helped me see myself as a survivor rather than a victim. She also helped me to understand the patterns that made me vulnerable to an abusive relationship. The information I have now has changed my life and I can wholeheartedly and with utter confidence say that I will never entertain a relationship again unless it is based on mutual love and respect. Liz your work here is done". Joan P Caerphilly

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