Relationship Counselling for Individuals or Couples in Cardiff and South WalesLiz Hunt BSc, Dip CG, Dip Lch.

Individual Relationship Counselling. feelingalone3

One to one Counselling

'Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.' George Bernard Shaw

For individuals seeking relationship advise and guidance, one to one sessions can be very powerful.

I offer help and support with -

  • Help to decide whether or not to end a relationship.
  • Support following a divorce or separation.
  • Counselling in order to heal from an emotionally or physically abusive relationship.
  • Help for individuals that have struggled to find the love they want.
  • Help for problems within family relationships - parents, siblings, children, in-laws.
  • Help with trust issues within a relationship.
  • Help with anger issues within a relationship.
  • Assertiveness training and help with boundary setting.
  • Help recovering from Narcissistic abuse.

    When people come to me for Relationship counselling they have usually reached the end of their tether. Most of us fear emotional pain so will do anything to avoid it. We bury our pains deep and hope they will go away. Some use drugs or alcohol to numb difficult emotions, others bury themselves in their work or have anger issues, anything rather than meet the problem head on.

    I like to see the process of relationship counselling as a wholly positive experience. The very act of coming to counselling is the first and ultimately most important step to overcoming your problems. It is an acknowledgement that there is a problem and that a solution needs to be found.

    We are not taught about relationships in school and University, with most of us learning from trial and error as our lives unfold. There's a great saying by Maya Angelou who said " If I'd have known better I would have done better". It is my role to educate and advise so that going forward you have all the knowledge you need to make positive and empowering changes to allow all your relationships to flourish.

    Relationship Coaching is all about honesty – being honest with what has brought you to this point in your life. Airing your deepest fears and worries can be a liberating and empowering experience and will allow you to reassess often long held beliefs and establish healthy and productive thought patterns.

    Relationship Counselling is not just about voicing your problems, but finding constructive long lasting solutions. There is a strong Coaching element to my work, and the aim is for individuals to be able to confidently take what they have learnt and apply it to their everyday lives. My relationship techniques are tools for life, when learnt they can be taken away and used to help deal with any relationship problems that may occur in the future.

    My approach is all about change, we have all heard the saying ' if you keep doing what you have always done you will keep getting what you've always got'. Change isn't easy, it's often about pushing outside our comfort zones and facing our fears. I see my role as one of support, encouragement and motivator in this period of change. I have been privileged in my 15 years as a relationship coach and counsellor to watch many hundreds of clients take this journey often from a very dark place, finally achieving the love and happiness they were searching for.

    A lot of my clients know what their problems are but feel blocked, stuck, and unable to move forward. My role as a Relationship Counsellor and Coach is to help you reach a place where you are able to take consistent action and create positive change in your life.

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