Relationship Counselling for Individuals or Couples in Cardiff and South WalesLiz Hunt BSc, Dip CG, Dip Lch.

Help to recover from a Break-up or Divorce. dontgiveup2

There is a happy life to be found following break-up or divorce

More and more individuals are looking to therapy to support them through the difficulties and stresses of a break-up or divorce. The break down of a relationship is without doubt one of the most stressful and emotionally challenging events a person can go through..

Relationship Therapy can help you through this difficult time in many ways, it can help you :-

To fully talk through and understand the reasons behind the break down of your relationship, so as not to repeat unhelpful patterns in
future relationships.

Work through the emotional pain of the separation, so that you can move forward in a positive way without anger, bitterness or resentment.

Learn the 7 keys to a healthy and happy relationship, so that you can pursue a future relationship with confidence.

Learn the power of loving communication, so that in future relationships you are able to confidently express your needs,
whilst also being able to understand and support the needs for your partner.

Positively plan the way forward, and design a future that both inspires and excites you.

We all strive for connection with others, and fundamentally if the main relationship in our life is not working, no matter how successful we may be in other areas of our lives, we quickly feel stressed and unhappy. Many people have unhappily jogged along for years prior to making the decision to split up. This often only makes the break up more painful, as people feel they have wasted years of their lives in a relationship that wasn't working.

Relationship therapy helps individuals learn from past experience, and deal with the emotional pain of a break-up in a healthy and positive manner. There is an ancient Greek proverb that says "The unexamined life is not worth living". If you do not process each significant relationship you have, there is a chance that you will just move on to the next relationship repeating the same patterns. The information you gain from our sessions will support and empower you to confidently step forward into loving and successful future relationships.

It is vitally important to take to heal follow a break-up. Modern society suggests we must dust ourselves down, put on a brave face and march forward. But divorce/break-up can be emotionally traumatic, and is a major life change. Allowing yourself time to grieve and fully process your story will provide a firm foundation from which to move forward. It is ok to flail around, feel confused, fearful, overwhelmed and heart broken, as with all things in life 'this too will pass'.

We are all far stronger than we realise, and it is often our biggest challenges that become our greatest triumphs.

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