Relationship Counselling for Individuals or Couples in Cardiff and South Wales Liz Hunt BSc, Dip CG, Dip Lch.

Help to recover from a Break-up or Divorce. dontgiveup2

Finding a positive, happy and healthy way forward.

More and more individuals are looking to therapy to support them through the difficulties and stresses of a break-up or divorce. The break down of a relationship is without doubt one of the most stressful and emotionally challenging life events.

Relationship Therapy can help through this difficult time in many ways, it can help you

To fully talk through and understand the reasons behind the break down of your relationship, so not to repeat mistakes in
future relationships.

Work through the emotional pain of the split, so that you can move forward in a positive way without bitterness or resentment.

Learn the 7 keys to a healthy and happy relationship, so that you can pursue a future relationship with confidence.

Learn the power of healthy communication, so that in future relationships you are able to have your needs met while also being
able to understand and support the needs of your partner.

Positively plan the way forward, and design a future that both inspires and excites you.

We all strive for connection with others, and fundamentally if the main relationship in our life is not working, no matter how successful we may be in other areas of our lives, we quickly feel lonely, depressed and unfulfilled. Many people have jogged along for years prior to making the decision to split up. This often only makes the break up more painful as people feel they have wasted years of their lives in a relationship that wasn't working.

Relationship therapy helps individuals learn from past experience, and deal with the emotional pain in a healthy and positive manner.

We are not taught the rules of a healthy relationship in our schools and universities and as a result many people do not know where to begin when faced with challenges in their relationships. The rules that I teach are rules that can be used for all relationships family members, friends and loved ones. I have witnessed these rules transform relationships, they empower and give people the tools to solve issues as they arise.

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